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We're entrepreneurs just like you. We're a lot of fun, but we're very, very serious about your business.



Jason Bleakley- Founder and CEO

Jason Bleakley started Steelmark Business Services in 2010.  He had spent the previous 13 years managing in some of the largest multinational business process outsourcing organizations in the world. It was during this time, he was able to establish an expertise and track record of excellence in the areas of operations management and delivery solutions, enterprise workforce management, leadership development and sales strategies. Over the course of his journey with The Company, he has taken measured steps based on market demand and pivoted accordingly creating a true one stop shop for Steelmark clients. What was formerly strictly a management consulting firm now includes operational, finance and revenue enhancement strategies, social networking strategies, additional business services including sales, marketing and content development, social media, E-commerce solutions, SEO and web design.



Dinyar Gai- Chief Financial Officer

Dinyar Gai is a senior finance professional with over 25 years of business consulting and executive leadership experience around the world. His international business career began in India in 1984 and has since taken him to United Arab Emirates and finally to Canada. During this time, his career has spanned multiple industries including extensive involvement in hospitality and global business process outsourcing. Equally as impressive as his personal and professional journey is Dinyar’s documented track record internationally. This is further complimented by the responsibility of forecasting and managing budgets in excess of $800 million in large multinational organizations. Among his significant previous positions, Dinyar served as Head of Internal Audit at Transcom Worldwide SA, one of the largest multinational Business Process Outsource organizations in the world.

What sets Dinyar apart as a senior executive is his unique blend of business acumen, strong cross-departmental relationship building and thought leadership while never losing focus on achieving a mutually beneficial return on investment for shareholders, the corporation and its employees.

Today he continues to be a trusted advisor to both corporate leaders and business owners alike.

Bob Milne- Director of Content Creation

As an experienced writer, editor, and communications professional with a proven track record of delivering clear, consistent, and effective communications, Bob provides strategic content and direction for Steelmark clients - everything from start-up business plans, to marketing collateral, to social media strategy and engagement, and beyond. 

During his 15 years in the communications field, Bob has successfully managed documentation for regulatory and legislative compliance; prepared winning business plans and proposals; coordinated complex communication strategies around sensitive or difficult topics; created brand identity through social media; and been professionally published across multiple industries and genres. He takes the time to understand both our clients and their target audience, ensuring that the message and material are tailored accordingly for maximum impact.

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